New HRM not working...

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I've got a one-month old RSP Pro EX2.0 28 bike computer and it's failing to pick up heart rate already. Just did a two-week 1,400km tour of France, and it was a bit slow to pick up in the mornings from the word go - then it failed to work altogether after about 10 days.

I was a bit confusd by the bit of film stuck to the skin side of the sensor, which appeared - though I thought it seemed odd - to say leave on as 'removal would lead to loss of warranty'. I left it on just in case, but it's fallen off of its own accord.

How long do the batteries on HRM sensors normally last? I suppose first step is to find a miniature screwdriver to get the back off and try a new battery, eh?


  • You may be dead?!?!?
  • I had this problem, but since I have become a born again cyclist, my pulse seems to have returned :twisted:
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    You may be dead?!?!?

    +1 - you're dead. Now get off the forum - we don't want any of your type around here; it depresses people :lol:

    Yep - try a new battery first. Supplied batteries sometimes don't last long.
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  • Has anyone heard from the OP since he posted this!?
    I'm sorry you don't believe in miracles