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I am visiting Grimsby area on Weds and wondered if there are any good LBS I could visit, any suggestions ???


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    I am sorry, I cannot think of one let alone two :wink:
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    That's what Google was created to do:- ... 80&bih=920

    Can't guarantee how good theyb are but at least there are a few.
  • Coach H
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    You have Etteridge Cycles in Grimsby run by Steve Etteridge. Classic old school LBS stocking some Italian stuff mixed with lower cost Giant etc with a small range of clothing that is functional rather than flash eg Lusso. As with most classic old school LBS's Steve can be the most plesant and helpfull guy on his day (or if you are one of the good old boys who don't even know what the internet is) or an uninterested misserable bugger on his bad days. Your bigger issue is goint to be the fact that it is closed on a Wednesday :) .

    Velo Sport in Cleethorpes has Spesh and Trek. Graham is generally pretty plesant but don't expect him to sort out your Campag stuff, its Shimano only here. Has a wider range of clothing including some flashier stuff. You may find it shut for a period in the late afternoon as Graham nips next door to the Post Office to send any internet orders that he has, depending on the que this can be anything from 10-45 mins. Also has some single speed bits from Genesis.

    Cooks are mainly a mountain bike shop that has a few road bikes as a default for stocking Cube. Never been in as I don't possess a springy farm gate and nor do I want to; but if thats your thing.....
    Coach H. (Dont ask me for training advice - 'It's not about the bike')
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    I used to live near Grimsby several years ago. Assuming nothing has really changed, I would confirm what Coach H has said.
    Etteridge Cycles, old school bike store, and always found the guys there helpfull and knew what they were at. I dropped several boxes with a frame, groupset, etc into them and two days later collected a nice shiny complete bike from them. Even spaced out a shimano cassette to make campag work on my shimano wheels. No problems and reasonably priced.
    Velo Sport in Cleethorpes deffo more of your mainstream bike store.
    Enjoy your trip, the area is a lot nicer than people would have you believe...