Budget turbo trainers

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As the evenings are now shorter, I have found that there isn't time to ride after work anymore so I need to get a turbo trainer. I've been looking around and there seems to be some big price variations. You can get one off eBay for about £60, whilst if you buy from a cycling specific store they seem to start at >£100. I'm only planning on using a turbo 3 times a week for ~60min a go. Is there any disadvantage in buying the budget turbos? I know I can change the resistance simply by changing gears. If anyone has any experience with the cheap ebay models I would be interested in hearing your feedback/impression of them. Whilst I would love to be in the position to buy a 'bells and whistles' trainer, we've got a baby on the way and I feel that spending unnecessary money on cycling kit means there's less to use to buy baby stuff (plus the wife would take my nuts :wink: )
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