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Handlebar/stem a noticeable upgrade?

okgookgo Posts: 4,368
edited October 2011 in Road buying advice
I have cheap 6061 ITM bars and stem, they feel pretty flexy to me, does upgrading these offer a noticeable jump in stiffness? And if so what is a good and common choice for bar/stem combo?
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  • akcc05akcc05 Posts: 336
    I have never felt any lack of stiffness in the bar/stem combos that I have used (not very many) but I am not a powerful rider at all.

    I have noticed a lot of club members use 3T or Ritchey WCS so maybe you should have a look too. Also I recall seeing a review here not so long ago on the PRO Vibe combo that is suppose to be super stiff if that's your thing.

    I recently upgraded to a Deda Zero100 stem with Newton Shallow bars saving about 100g but the best thing is my wrists don't hit the bars anymore when I ride out of the saddle in the drops.
  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    How often do you sprint or climb out of the saddle ? I'd have thought thats the only time you'd get any flex at all, and any energy lost must be miniscule ?

    It may not be the bars flexing - could be the wheel frame or fork ?
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