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I've not lived in London long (7months), and am saddened by the lack of decent cycle routes. Ok, so I know full well living in Hampshire was better for cycling, but I'd have thought I'd have found at least a few clear stretches, un-hampered by traffic lights etc.

Please don't get me wrong, this isn't a rant at all, I love cycling, and love England, and wish I could cycle more of it.

Are there any people in the Ealing area that fancy some decent rides out somewhere? I just don't know where. :)

Thanks and howdy to those that haven't met me before :)


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    Get yourself down to Richmond Park & Hillingdon cycle circuit. Neither is that far from you. There are also plenty of routes if you get as far as Uxbridge.
  • Join a cycle club - they'll get you out in the country! I ride with Twickenham CC who must be pretty local to you and I'm sure there are others close to you as well! Lots of routes from South West London head out to the Surrey Hills or Windsor. If you're looking for something shorter then Richmond Park is great. Good luck with finding something!
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