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Chainrings 130bcd for 9 speed 1x9 config

jonnyboy77jonnyboy77 Posts: 547
edited October 2011 in Commuting chat
I'm in the process of building up my new commuter bike I have encountered a newbie mistake on my part ...

I bought a set of Driveline track cranks with 130 bcd configuration, but the chainring does not seem to like my 9 speed chain ... it fits some of the teeth then the spacing becomes too much and the chain sits on top of the chainring ...


Now I am guessing the chainring is not the right type, but my question really is can I get a 130 bcd chainring that will accept the 9 speed chain and allow me to run 1x9?

Any help appreciated! This is my first ground up build, and was going very well to this point!


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