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Shed padlocks

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Morning All

I need to get a couple of padlocks for the door of my new shed.

The door will be reinforced along the hinges and frame and I plan to have the padlocks top and bottom and the hasps and hinges will use coach bolts. I had been thinking of padlocks with a round profile as this minimises the effective use of croppers by nasties.

What can people recommend or tell me to avoid cos there made of cheese?

Cheers all :)
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  • I recently fitted hinge bolts to my shed ... 548207.jpg

    and used security screws for all the exposed fixings, hopefully next doors shed now seems more appealing,cant help with padlocks though I just bought 2 of these, ... 45mm/53246 no idea how good they are though. ... f-25/14977
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  • Squire are great, the padlock won't be the weak point with the top one...
  • Oddly enough, I've just been looking at getting a bunch of keyed alike locks for my sheds and came up with these options: ... a02478.htm ... i%2050.htm ... a45747.htm

    All weather resistant to a certain extent. The last one looks like it'll fit the bill best for you, and Abus actually do a clasp that's designed to go with it: ... 3318053122

    (Edit - Wow... I didn't know I'd been lurking all this time!)
  • I've always thought that fitting a metal cage inside the shed would be a good idea. It's all about slowing down the scum so they either give up or get caught in the act.

    If you can get power to your shed then there's all sorts of tech which can help too. You can get a £50 IP camera which can detect motion. I've recently started a z-wave home automation project and there's motion detectors (battery powered, no power required) than can notify other z-wave devices. I have a Vera 2 controller that can email when a sensor is tripped. It can also trigger other z-wave devices like lights, sirens and even blinds if you have a controller and motor.

    You could have it switch on all your lights in the house and set an alarm off if the motion detector is tripped. Obviously ensure that no cats will trigger it :)
  • I know someone who put heavy duty chicken wire in a layer between the outside and inside of their shed. Good idea I reckon, would take an age to cut a hole through it all. Plus there are always ground anchors with heavy duty chain / padlocks for that final line of defence for your bike (you could even leave them attached while the bike is on the turbo trainer!)

    Realistically it would be quicker to go through the wall (or remove the roof) on my sheds than attack the locks. Hopefully no-one is ever that determined!
  • Thanks for the replies so far, its certainly a minefield out there.

    Once the shed is constructed I intend to have ground anchors fitted and they in turn will be chained to the bikes. An alarm system will also be fitted and mians power will be running to an external board.

    I had been looking at something along the lines of the KASP 190 or the SQUIRE ASWL2 which both seem fairly substansive affairs. I appreciate that a determined thief will get in eventually its just a case of making it as difficult as possible.

    Anyone know what either the Abus or MAster Lock disc sytle locks are like?
    Wow great ship man. Looks like a fish, flies like a fish, steers like a cow.

  • I assume those locks would be for the ground anchors? They'd be a waste for the shed door (which I'd just bypass with a sledgehammer / axe / reciprocating saw if I wanted the tasty goodness inside).
  • Put steel corrugated sheeting inside the shed with screws every 8". This will increase the security.
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    Cheers Geordie.
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    +1 for Squire padlocks
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