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How much to make a difference ?

ric7481ric7481 Posts: 103
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How much do you need to spend to notice a difference when upgrading............I come from the world of motorcycle racing, where generally speaking the biggest difference per £ is the initial upgrade, after that the gains get smaller as the price goes up.

As an example - my Alex S500 rims on Spesh secteur sport, standard all-condition armadillo tyres

If I spend £170 - Shimano RS10 with GP4000s - will that be a noticeable improvement over the current set-up ? or do I need to spend £270/£300 Ultegra/Ksyrium equippe et al with tyres to notice, or would that just be a minimal gain over the RS10's ?

I guess the question is, if the standard wheels were 'aftermarket' where in the range would they sit ? with all things, generally the more you spend the 'better' it is, however there is that limiting factor - ie. me - and there is no point in speccing the bike much better than the rider if I can't utilise the benefits ........I'd say I'm an average rider - generally hold approx. 16mph over most courses and distances (60-70 mile sportives) and try to cover 60-100 miles per week...also do a fair amount of mountain biking.

I generally only upgrade when things are bust....thoughts ?


  • first of all, you are going right way - wheels are the best possible upgrade. they play one of the most important roles in ride feelings

    second, I think ultegra wheels worth it. it is upgrading from stock to RS10 that would be a minimal gain and waste of money, but if you can spend an extra £100 to get Ultegra - you should do it, and then forgot about wheels upgrade for a long time.. as anything of higher level than Ultegra gives small gains at a huge price.

    tyres' cost is relatively small, so choice is easy - get a top ones :)

    Boardman Team C / 105 / Fulcrum Racing 3
  • markos1963markos1963 Posts: 3,724
    Save your money up, the best upgrade per £ is tyres so spend on these first. I doubt you'll notice much difference with RS10 or even Equipes. I reckon about £300 is the amount you'll need to spend on wheels to really notice the difference.
  • ric7481ric7481 Posts: 103
    appreciate the feedback..........was thinking I'd need to be looking at the thick end of £300 to really notice a difference with wheels...thankyou :)
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