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Scar House res routes

tubaonwheelstubaonwheels Posts: 448
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Just had a couple of days in the Dales, stopped at Studfold farm, Lofthouse (nice site). My word the riding is tough out there. yesterday rode up BW towards Ramsgill then back to Lofthouse and over to Scar house res via Middlesmoor, then BW all the way to road that drops steeply back to Lofthouse. Could not believe I'd been riding a good bit over 2 hours and only did 15 miles!
Today I drove round to res and had a walk with the mrs. spotted a nice looking climb whilst on walk so after a quick lunch got on bike for a quick thrash. Went over to North side of res and along uper BW towards Angram res then up steep climb (to west of dead mans hill) dropped towards Coverdale, but only about a mile then turned round for slog back up the way I came (I know I'm a masochist). Had to do a quick blast on metalled road when I got back just to get the distance to double figures!

Must go back again some time as there looks to be loads of great routes out there.


  • altern_8altern_8 Posts: 1,562
    Now then mate,we sometimes do a few rides starting in Buckden,off the top of my head i dont think we have been near Scar House Res tho,there are some nice little climbs from Buckden down the valley to Kettlewell tho :wink:,and there is a great descent into Starbottom,if Giggs doesnt see this,ill get him to dig out the routes we have done for you.
  • Ta Stu, thing about Scar house is its such a remote beautiful spot - we were proper lucky with the weather mind, so that always helps. Don't suppose I'll have the chance to get up that way for a while now - but who knows.

    Not ridden round Buckden way but done loads of walking and running, even did the Buckden fell race many moons ago. I seem to remember some pretty steep rough climbs/descents! Some of that really rough stuff takes it out of my old bones :wink: especially on the trusty hardtail!! I think I had a bit too much pressure in me tyres this week - I was bouncing like a jackhammer :shock:
  • altern_8altern_8 Posts: 1,562
    Giggsmaster informed me that we have been to Scar House Res on many occasions,as its the Pateley Bridge ride we do :oops:
  • This is the route we usually do in that area.

    Nidderdale Classic Loop

    It is a very good little route.... :wink: There are some nice climbs and likewise there are some good descents to be had, especially the one down to Scar House Resevoir.

    The road climb upto Middlesmoor is a bit of pain, but then you would like that Steve...??? :lol:
  • Can't get that link to load Giggsy - my computer/dongle is sHite. But yes the descent to Scar house is good, have to admit to the odd dab or 2 though :oops:
    I shall be over at Dalby for a few days next week if you guys have any midweek free time, should be moving on Thursday lunchtime.
  • altern_8altern_8 Posts: 1,562
    Ill be up for a ride round Dalby midweek,prob looking at either tuesday/weds depending on which is best for weather,ill be starting from Dixons Hollow tho..........Giggsy is going to see if he is working midweek to see if he can make it.
  • I'll be doing my one to one skills course there on Wednesday, so will be 'busy' all day, it's around dixons hollow so you'll be able to have a laugh if you see me :D

    Going up for a ride there today with my son in preparation for the mtb duathlon on Oct 16th - what have I let myself in for?
    Tues I think I'd better spend a bit of time with my bike widow/wife :roll: and hoping to put my new skills (?) to the test Thursday morning before we move on.
    We are stopping at Pexton Farm campsite for 3 nights. Will have laptop with me so let me know where and when you'll be there if you do make it and I'll try and bob over to see you --- not too sure I'll get much signal there though as I rely on dongle.
  • altern_8altern_8 Posts: 1,562
    Ill give it a miss Steve seeing as youre busy mate,always anouther time :)
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