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Does anyone know about this web site?

It is supposedly a collection of rides all over the world, one of which is in Portugal. Here, they have bought thousands of acres of land, erected many miles of 3mtr fences including barbed wire, and display signs threatening legal action against anyone trespassing.

Is this normal for mountain biking?

They are working in conjunction with "bike iberia" who do not seem to reply to emails.

For more info google "sos sao mamede" or get back to me and Ill forward images etc.

Any help gratefully received.



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  • I do appologise, the web site is in the subject, ie

    They are claiming to be environmentalists. They have planted trees and repaired stone walls using "traditional techniques" The web site shows all this.

    What it doesn't show you is the miles of barbed wire fences they have erected (creates problems with wildlife and is a fire risk). They have also used cement in the stone walls which is not traditional here.

    I have been told that Bike Iberia are investing 20m euros in this area. Correct me if I'm wrong but would that not be a significant investment in mountain biking? If so I would expect the pr/marketing to be quite visible. Does anyone know of this venture?

    My suspicions may be further understood if I told you that Bike Iberia is a small outfit who don't have 20m euros to throw around, but a man named Keneth Dart and some Canadian friends do.

    These Canadians have some links to mining companies. The land that is being acquired and fenced happens to hold some major finds of Uranium, Rare Earth Elements and Gold.

    Our fears are that some mining companies are using the mountain biking community to cover their real interests. I wonder if anyone would object to that?

    The area again is the Sao Mamede Natural Park in Portugal. It is also a designated Natura 2000 site. The Portuguese environmental group Quercus are objecting to the fences as do the Parque Naturlal and locals.

    So, could anyone give me any information about Bike Iberia or Global Conservation tbc. I've had no response to my emails so I would particularly be interested to hear from anyone who has managed to ride in these projects.

    Thanks for you time, and help
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