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Brakes and Shifters - Upgrad options e.g. Deore to XT

sandstone stickmansandstone stickman Posts: 15
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I'm looking to upgrade some of the bits on my 2010 Rockhopper Pro. in particular the gear shifters and possibly the brakes. But open to other suggestions (possibly weight saving)

So, has anyone upgraded from Deore M590 9 speed shifters to XT M770 (Or other?). The stock bike comes with a XT rear mech, but only the Deore shifters which I've never really been happy with as they feel slow and not much better than my 10 year old 8speed setup. (stx-rc) Is the XT upgrade going to feel much better? They;re £63 a pair at the moment so not bank braking.

Regarding the brakes, they are AVID Elixir 4 which are besppoke to Specialized. Apparantly a combo of Elixir 5 levers and Juicy 3 calipers. Again, they're ok, I recon they could be better. They are properly bled etc. has anyone upgraded these? Are XT / XTR going to feel much better? (I say XTR because there are some good deals around making them only a small amount more than XT)

Really please with the bike after riding it for a year, but feel the stock spec is a bit un balenced. Any thoughts?



  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,599
    XT shifters will make a difference (STX RC are still better than most new ones IMO) but value for money?
    As for brakes, XTR seems like a bit of overkill. Also the fancy discs are splined only.
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  • .blitz.blitz Posts: 6,197
    Is the XT upgrade going to feel much better?
    Yes they are loads better, esp when used with SP41 outers.
  • The new M785 XT disc brakes are more than good enough for the majority of riders. The XTR would have to be at a great price to justify them over the XT in my opinion. Conversely I think XTR shifters are well worth the extra compared to XT. But XT will feel quite a lot nicer than Deore.
  • Than ks for the tips so far. SP41 Outers sound interesting and liking the feedback on the XT shifters.

    Agree'd XTR brakes probably overkill, I mentioned them because one of the sites I was looking at had both XT and XTR reduced with about £15 between them after reductions Maybe £89 and £105 respectively (from memory!)

    As for XTR shifters - Would they still be worth it with lower spec (XT rear and Deore front) mechs>? Hmm, a new XT from mech is £23. ...

  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    XT 785 brakes are just incredible, but if you CAN afford the XTRs, and they're only a little more (really? are you sure?) then why not?
  • lesz42lesz42 Posts: 690
    i run alivio shifters ( 8 speed) with a slx rear mech, and using sp41 (xtr?) cables made a difference in smoothness and shifting

    that or the old cables were pants!?
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  • Hmm, maybe these are an older model

    XTR M975 £169 down to £100 (for front one) ... elID=16944

    XTM775 £129 down to £109 ... elID=25712

    Seems a good price to me?
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    Yes, those are the old ones. There's been one hell of a step up in performance for the new ones. The XT M785s can be had for just under £100 per end. ... elID=67208
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