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dogsawdogsaw Posts: 12
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Looking to get a pair of good all round gloves.

Any recommendations??

Cheers :P


  • hainmanhainman Posts: 699
    not to sure about anyone else as i asked similar question not so long ago but in the end i just bought a pair of pearl izumi cyclone gloves,padded palm,softshell outer,windproof and maybe a bit water resistant but for 14quid instead of 35 quid on amazon i wasnt hanging around.
    will find out how good they are in the scottish weather soon enough.
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  • d3mattd3matt Posts: 510
    I've got some Endura Full Monty gloves and find them excellent. They're great for all year round, except really cold days. They have mesh between the fingers so don't get hot in the summer.
    I found Endura gloves fit better than others. I've just been into Evans today trying on winter gloves and have brought some Endura Dexter gloves. I found them better than all the others of their massive range.

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  • CoolnickCoolnick Posts: 380
    I also rate the Endura Full Montys but with my hands feeling the cold, find them a bit chilly when wind bites. Got some Aldi £5 jobs for colder weather, not used them yet though. For spring to autumn Full Montys would be fine, not sure they will be warm enough for you for winter though.
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  • d3mattd3matt Posts: 510
    I had some Lidl gloves last winter which while warm, they were impossible to put back on once you took them off. The inner liner got sweaty and would almost invert when you removed your hand, making it difficult to get your fingers back in.
    I was trying gloves in Evans today and many winter gloves have this dual layer and I was finding them awkward when dry and can only imagine them being worse in use. The Endura Strike were like this as was other Gore and SealSkin gloves. Not wanting to take the risk, this is why I chose the Dexter gloves and they are single skin.

    Riding this Boardman Team FS 2010. Also trying my first blog.
  • I've got a pair of Endura Singletrack gloves and they're excellent.

    They sound quite like the full monty gloves from what others have said.

    I've had 661 gloves for years but since buying Endura clothing I wouldn't buy anything else!
    I love the sound my tyres make on dusty single track!
  • rhialtorhialto Posts: 277
    For warm and dry weather I use Sombrio Forensic full finger gloves. When it's cool and/or rainy, I use Gore Alp-X Windstopper gloves. They aren't 100% waterproof but they will resist the rain for a while and as they are soft-shell, they will keep your hands pretty warm even when wet. I prefer them to my waterproof gloves as they provide more sensitivity and as d3matt mentions, they don't have the 2 layers where the inner layer pulls out when you take them off.
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