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3 Road Bikes Guildford

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Hi all,

A long time lurker on this forum it is a shame that it is something like this that has gotten me to register You might see this message around a bit on other forums too. I do tend to lurk.

Last night 3 road bikes were stolen from a locked shed in Guildford:

Black and Blue Giant SCR 2.0 - with Planet X 'B' wheelset, black and blue racing tyres (can't remember the make of the top of my head) black Shimano SPD 105? pedals & carbon bottle cage. Also had a red DHB saddle bag. Sigma Sport bike computer cadence & speed sensors + magnets.

Bright Blue Trek 1.1 - two bottle cages, front and rear lights, armadillo front tyre and Shimano SPD 105? pedals.

Red & White Trek Lexa - small framed (s) womans bike, tiagra all round, black bottle cage looks out of place - only 2 months old :(

If anyone spots these bikes being sold on, particularly the Lexa, please let me know.

I had convinced my friend to buy herself a proper road bike and finally tracked down a really good spec and price. She loved riding it. Especially on hills. Sicko.

Thanks all

*Edit to add more details


  • Will keep a look out, definitely check Gumtree and the local classifieds like Friday ads, the stolen ones generally have really weak descriptions of the bike. Good Luck.
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