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samiad001samiad001 Posts: 6
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Hi guys

I'm looking into getting a CX for my next bike as communte takes me off road at times.

Anyone got any good advice/recomendations for a CX bike under £800?

Most of my riding is on roads so i'm keen to get something that's light and more towards the road bike side of things.

I was really keen on the Genesis Croix De Fer but i looks a little heavy. Also looked at the focus mares 2.0 but it look a little pricey.

any ideas?..also, what does Audax mean?


  • ddraverddraver Posts: 24,044
    Audax is a long ride where you go from point to point having a card stamped to show you ve done the distance. You have to navigate yourself. They can be for 100km or 10 000km and everything in between. "Audax bikes" are basically more relaxed road bikes built for going long distances in all conditions rather than melting in the rain or similar. Basically imagine a sportive but without the price tag and other accoutrements...

    Planet-X and Cotic do nice CX bikes that are worht a look - I ve no experience of CX bikes though, I just use my MTB...
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