Replacing FSA BB6000 Mega Exxo bottom bracket

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The FSA BB6000 bottom bracket on my cross bike needs replacing. The longevity of these leaves something to be desired. the bike has a FSA Gossamer crankset. Can I fit a Shimano Dura Ace 7900 Bottom Bracket in it's place. Or, would I seriously benefit for splashing out on a Hope BB?


  • If you frequently ride in wet / muddy conditions, a bottom bracket that is more easily serviced like the Chris King might be a good choice.
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    IME Chris King is overpriced/overkill - a decent quality serviceable one like Hope is more than adequate.
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  • To "service" a BB, one needs to remove the BB cups, remove the seal on the bearing *without* tearing the darn tiny delicate thing, clean and repack, then reinstalling the seal.

    In contrast, the Chris King takes just 30 seconds to service. I do not have to remove the BB cups or remove or replace seals. Inject new grease / flush old grease with the injector tool in 30 seconds. Done.

    I'm sure the Hope is a competent BB set, and I considered it when looking for a replacement for my dead-after-2-months SRAM GXP BB. But having to remove the seals to service a Hope BB is a deal-breaker for me. If I had to spend more than £70 on a bottom bracket, I decided I'll spend a bit more for one that is easier to service.
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    Bought and fit a £15 Tiagra BB. Job done.

    Trying to work out why the FSA BB, which feels no lighter or smoother than the Shimano Tiagra and has a, frankly, woeful costs £44 from any online retailer.

    Credit to the mechanic in the Specialized Store in Kingston, that sold me the Tiagra BB. Even though I was prepared to go up to £40 for a BB, based on the price of the FSA, he told me not to waste my money.