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Pretty much decided to get myself a Planet X Uncle John and get a few cross races under my belt this Winter. Any UJ owners help me with sizing? I'm 6ft tall and ride a 56inch road bike frame (Specialized & Bianchi). My bike mechanic mate who races cross tells me that like TT, you should go down a size for Cross. Tia


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    the PX site doesn't seem to give the geometry but my advice is that you wouldn't really want to go much smaller than 56cm on the ETT. In other words I'd say a large with a shorter stem would be preferable to a medium with a long stem, in terms of handling.

    I've a mate who's just over 6 foot and runs a large.

    Anyone know the ETT for the medium and large?
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    Ask planet x - I think Ian cammish is their sizing guy.
    . I'm 6 foot and ride a large. Normal frame size was about 23 inch.
  • Im 6'1 and i ride a large uncle john. I run it with a 10cm stem and compact bars though because i like quite a relaxed position. I think you could probably go for either with the appropriate stem/bars. Give PX a call, i certainly got the right size for me. A brilliant bike if built with the right stuff...much nicer than my old flash italian pro bike!