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want to get back into riding. upgrade or buy new bike

j4mi3j4mi3 Posts: 19
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basically i currently have a 2007 mongoose tyax super. for the price, of £450 (i think) it actually had not too bad components. albeit a bit heavy, it has actually lasted me fine until now.

about a year after a got it, i upgraded the stock suntour fork to the current one, a rockshox recon 120mm u-turn, with remote lock.

so apart from the fork, it is all stock and can be seen here.

the brakes are actually tektro auriga comp hydralics, not the crappy ones shown in the pic

if i were to upgrade, what are the most important things i should be getting first. i am thinking brakes? maybe something from avid, like the elixir?

or maybe it would be more beneficial to get a whole new bike. but frankly i cant afford it. so id have to save up. and it seems a shame because i love my recon :)

i have been out of riding for like 2 years and i want to get back into it again.


  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    If the brakes work, I'd leave them be. New wheels and tyres would be my starting point for weight loss, though it will never be a super light bike as the frame is pretty portly.
  • Not a bad bike to be fair - I'd get it serviced and enjoy it. I agree with above, new wheels are a good upgrade, saved a fair bit of weight when I swapped mine..
  • add595add595 Posts: 196
    I don't think I'd be rushing to change the wheels. The Joytech hubs are cheap and cheerful, the WTB SX24 rims aren't that heavy.

    I would get it serviced by a reputable local bike shop, and think about some new tyres.

    If you ride mainly on road, some semi-slicks perhaps? Or a lightweight knobbly tyre with a a 'line' of treads around the centre for fast rolling?
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  • If you want to treat the old girl I'd put some new rubber on with kevlar beads and just enjoy it, you can up grade as and when parts fail!
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  • j4mi3j4mi3 Posts: 19
    bump for any more opinions please
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