remove a topic please?

drkawaszelong Posts: 260
hi, this is a little random, but please can you remove 1 or 2 of the topics on the Sales of Road bikes and stuff section?

There are 3 topics at the top of the list all labelled 'Bike Radar forum upgrade -please read' all giving the same message
Hello all,

Over the next few weeks, the BikeRadar forums are going to be upgraded from phpBB 2 (with various hacks) to phpBB 3. We want to have this done by mid-October and due to the massive amount of data that we have to migrate, the forums could be offline for up to a week. A further update will be posted nearer the time.

The main reason we are doing this is for stablility and to accomodate the size of the forum. We don't want a repeat of the situation where the forum "filled up" after a mere 16 million posts and no-one could post.

It also means some extra functionality for users, such as improved private messaging, ability to subscribe to forums and bookmark topics, drafts, attachments (if we decide to enable them) and a few other things.

It will look a bit different but it will still be blue and white.

That's all for now - stay tuned.
and by having 3, (as petty as it sounds) my screen will not accommodate the most recent posts on topics below. maybe this is just me being strange, but it's a little annoying!

other than that, keep up the good work :) thanks!