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Knee pain/cleat position question

alihisgreatalihisgreat Posts: 3,872
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I bought my first set of clipless pedals/shoes and love using them, but they are not quite adjusted properly.

1st ride out i had pain on the outside of my left knee so i moved the cleat across to bring my foot closer to the crank -> problem solved!

But after a few longer rides, and really putting power down through them i'm getting a bit of pain along the top of my knees, in the middle, not down the sides.

So from what i understand this can be caused by saddle too low (which i doubt is the case) or cleat too far forward on the shoe (therefore foot too far back on the pedal) is this right?

or could it be caused by a problem with the angle of my feet? (i.e. pointing too far in or too far out)


  • nferrarnferrar Posts: 2,511
    What pedals are you using and do they have float?

    Assuming you were fine doing the same length/effort rides before getting clipless pedals then it could be anyone of causes you mention.

    Personally I prefer my cleat far back on the shoe, otherwise I get the feeling of pressing down through my toes (even if the ball of the foot is over the axle as is the traditional recommendation).

    Another traditional check is to sit on a table with your legs dangling down and look at the angle of your feet and try and set your cleats up to replicate it, it's not always 100% correct though.

    Saddle height as you mention can have an impact but even things like the insoles (and what arch support you have and if they're a varus wedge) etc.

    If you're doing a lot of miles it's probably worth going to a specialist bike fitter (that also sorts shoes out...) but it will cost you £150-200. Or persevere yourself and make small adjustments and don't overdo it until you sort it.
  • gmaczgmacz Posts: 343
    Normally seat height has to go up with spds.
    The spds have a taller sole due to the cleats.
    Try a higher seat height.
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