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steve1312steve1312 Posts: 79
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just download 2 aaps for the phone, imapmyride and strava.

Has anyone used these and how accurate is the mapping feature


  • pilchpilch Posts: 1,136
    Not too impressed with the imapmyride app...

    It eats your battery and the mapping can sometimes be a bit erratic, I did a long ride last night and it only captured a 3rd of it.

    The website is better...

    I tend to log my rides on my Garmin then load them up to the website, its got a really cool 3D flythrough feature that makes an aerial video of your route (via Google Earth)... a bit pointless really but it looks good, quite interesting to see an aerial view of where you've been.

    The other useful thing is the route sharing facilty, it gives you all the statistics of your ride and you can annotate it & load up pics if you want, also if you feel inclined you can do your mates routes and try to beat their times.... or not.
    A berm? were you expecting one?

    29er race

    29er bouncer

    Try this, Has worked well for me and is available for all formats (i think)
  • Cyclemeter. Brilliant
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  • Trails app on iphone is cery google and can upload and share with many websites. Battery is fine.
  • Gibbo3771Gibbo3771 Posts: 145
    buzz1 wrote:
    My tracks for android is good and you can send it to a google account and veiw on the PC or send to a friend :D

    My tracks just freezes up on my DHD. I use Oruzemaps (sp?) for importing other peoples routes and I use endomendo for making my own personal ones, its sooooooo accurate its amazing.
  • Endomondo is the one Ive been using and its brill!
  • endomondo is great its like a fitness facebook one of my ride, you can use if for multi sport and race friends set goals/targets and beat your best time etc etc etc
  • Cycle meter here. Only downloaded it a few months ago but it seems bang on to me, accurate too 8)
  • Endomondo here too, brilliant and not battery hungry on the phone.
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  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,692
    Strava is one of the best for me in terms of their web site as it marks segments. This lets people mark and name trails on their route, then it matches them with other people who've ridden the same trails and shows ranks them in comparison. For climbs it will also show the grade category of a climb if it's steep enough. It's handy to find out names of trails too.

    You don't need Strava app, as you can just import a GPX or whatever into it from any other app.

    Anyway, Endomondo is good though watch the battery on some phones and depending on the settings. Has a battery saver mode in the pro version but at the cost of GPS accuracy. Default also is to be uploading your route as you ride. A nice feature, but adds to battery drain.

    Sports Tracker is another one to consider. I often mention it as a bit of a loyal user from back in the days when it was made by Nokia and pretty much the first tracker app of it's kind on any phone. It's now independently made and available for iPhone and Android also. Doesn't really offer much the others don't, though the web site is nice with a lot of detail. Downside is the website is Flash so bad for you Apple owners or people with slow netbooks. On a Nokia it's a bonus over Endomondo in that it has auto-pause whereas the Nokia version of Endo does not (why I don't know).
  • Neal_Neal_ Posts: 477
    I was using Kinetic GPS on iPhone but recently switched to Endomondo which auto uploads to a very nice website and seems to be more consistent and has a much better calorie calculator.
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