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Cassette replacement

AlibranAlibran Posts: 370
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I need to replace the cassette on my bike, and would like to get lower gears at the same time. I currently have a Shimano 12-25 cassette and Shimano Sora rear mech.

Will the rear mech be compatible with an 11-28 cassette, or is that pushing it a bit? (The alternative is 12-27.)

And are BBB cassettes any good? (The 11-28 is a BBB. If I have to go for 12-27, I could get an Ultegra cassette, but the BBB equivalent is half the price.)


  • According to the Shimano Tech Docs on their website, both the Sora 3300 and 3400 rear derailleurs have a recommended maximum cassette size of 27 teeth.

    Shimano do use conservative figures for their specifications, and there should be enough margin for a 28T cassette.

    Personally, if it was me, I'd try a 28T.

    Just keep in mind you may need a longer chain so you don't lock up the drivetrain when crosschaining in the big-big gear combination.
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