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Marin Mount Vision 5.9 Cracking Noise

sheepshiftersheepshifter Posts: 115
edited March 2012 in MTB workshop & tech
Bit concerning when my bike compress through its suspension stroke every now and then a cracking whipping type noise happens , more so on the first stroke of compression.All settings on the rp23 are correct tried all sorts of combos but this noise still appears.Lbs couldnt replicate this noise so no diagnostic.Could it be cables hitting the frame or maybe a dry or over tight pivot.Any points appreciated this is beginning to anoy me i do suffer slightly with OCD.
PACE RC325.5 1x9



  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    Rear hub bearings, rear dropout bolts (a surprisingly common occurence), cranks, bottom bracket, seatpost, pedals, pedal bearing.
    Could be any of a multitude of things, but my money would be on one of the first three.
  • 386ka386ka Posts: 479
    Take a look on the pivots, they may be loose. I had that kind of a problem with my Trance X, but after tightening up the pivot bolts, the noise went away.
    A much loved, Giant Trance X3 2010
  • i know this is massively out of date, but i have the same bike and had the same issue on a ride last year.

    turned out to be the non driveside dropout bolts... one was loose (enough that it turned by hand) once tightened the noise has gone and not returned
    I too was particularly concerned with the cracking sound and as the ride progressed the definate feeling that i was loosing lateral stiffness, we checked every shock mount bolt/link etc. before taking the wheel off to find the above hope you found this was the same issue
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