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Can you fit a tracker to your bike?

ianbarianbar Posts: 1,354
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after my bike was nicked n saturday. Someone asked men can you fit a tracker? Which is an interesting though.
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  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    Yes You can. Someone sells one that looks like a rear light. Not entirely sure how good that is - very easy to remove.
  • There are a few like this, a light disguising a GPS tracker
  • furragfurrag Posts: 481
    You can but I'd highly recommended Elevenses instead.
  • Don't use it myself, but some of my motor cycling friends use datatag, there is a cycle version. ... gn=froogle
  • When will people stop advertising trackers as anti-theft, they're not they do not influence whether your bike is stolen in the first place one tiny bit, they just increase the chances of you finding it again afterwards! I'd say just make sure you have a watertight insurance policy and proof that you have a decent lock.
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  • There is a product which identifies the bike as yours. It fits inside your bike's downtube.

    When you sell the bike on, the details can be changed easily enough. It is a bit like the microchip tagging for your pet. It isn't a GPS tracker though.
  • My brother used to sell security marking, trackers etc. Marking a bike is a Good Thing - if it's registered and clearly marked, it makes it much harder to shift - especially because it's easier to do people for handling stolen goods if it is. They are much more likely to choose a different bike to nick.

    With respect to trackers, he often said that it depends if you REALLY want to get the thing back. Tracking down your sportscar to the middle of a ploughed field to discover someone's taken a dump on the driver's seat, ripped out the stereo and slashed the soft top might not be what you want. Same might go for bikes. Better to insure it with new-for-old.
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  • SLX01SLX01 Posts: 338
    I'd rather make more effort to ensure its not stolen rather planning how to get it back when it is.
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