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Well, I took delivery of my Giant Defy 2 on 1st September. I had decided to treat myself after some very bad luck with cars in the previous month.

As I wont be driving (due to not now having a car), I decided to combine this purchase with the need to walk to work, as a springboard for finally doing something about my lack of fitness and increasing weight and waistline.

I hadn't done any serious exercise for at least 4, if not 5 years. This combined with a less than ideal diet, means that I was tipping the scales at 13 stones (5' 9.5" tall).

I knew I was unfit, but after completing my 5.5 mile test ride of the bike after delivery, I was shocked at just how unfit I actually was. I was hanging out of my arse, and this was on a flat route with no wind to speak of, and an average speed of 13.0mph.

My diet consisted of way too much chocolate (sometimes 4 chocolate bars on a nightshift) including munching my way through a large bag of maltesers/minstrels every couple of days. One takeaway a week, with battered chicken of some kind and fried rice, a pizza a week at least, and processed meals and products most of the rest of the time.

Well, after about 4 weeks, I have managed to lose 10lbs, have rode 222 miles, and just completed a 20 mile ride at an avergae speed of 14.6 mph (and not feeling like crap after it lol)

My diet has changed considerably. A typical day will now be something like this:

Porridge for breakfast

handful of mixed nuts/seeds mid morning

tuna, mixed salad, couple of tomatoes, sprinkling of low fat cheese, light salad cream

Toasted seeded batch bread with two scrambled eggs (in the half hour following my bike rides)

Chicken/Turkey/mackerel with brown rice and veg such as brocolli/grean beans

Banana or raspberries with kiwi fruit, natural yoghurt, with a crumbled meringue in the evening.

Once a week I will still have a day where I am a bit less strict with my diet, without going overboard, and will occasionally have pasta or potatoes in the evening meals.

I feel great (hadnt realised how lethargic I had been previously), and am sleeping better, have more energy, and am having to wear a belt with my jeans and trousers again lol

Just wanted to get all of that off my chest, sure most wont be interested, :D


  • I'll be first to say it then, 94 views and not one sod willing to say...well done

    Been on similar journey myself, although chocolate is making an unwelcome return!
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    Very welll done to you sir ! I'm kinda on a simular, but not so strict a diet, journey. Problem at the momennt is three week old second daughter takes up all my time, not that I'm complaining as I love my girls, just could do with some motivation to go out on an early ride some time soonn
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    Congratulations that man!

    Too right it makes you a happy bunny! Keep up the good work!
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    pease - i bet there are loads of people in the same situation.

    Have you thought about joining a local club? I'm sure that will encourage you to get a long ride in once or twice a week.

    You never know, you might meet some like minded people then you may find that once you are over the fact you are hanging out with a bunch of men in lyrca starting at their arses all morning, you can go on social rides when the time suits you (read: your daughters/partner etc).

    Just a thought. I'm sure there must be hundreds of people in Surrey.
  • Well done mate. I bet you are feeling so much better than before.

    I am in exactly boat. I had a hard, long look at myself. Overweight, a smoker and stuck in front of my x-box for hours on end. Something had to give.

    Now, a couple of months on, I am under 13 stone for the first time in years (5'11"), have not had a smoke for 4 weeks and as I was walking the dog tonight I realised how good I felt.

    Keep up the good work. Maybe we can have a thread deicated to all us (ex) heart attacks waiting to happen where we can log our progress.
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    Yes, well done and keep up the good work! I'm very jealous about your ability to stick to a good diet - despite getting into this sport for my health my diet leaves a lot to be desired!
  • Well done that man, your an inspiration. :D
  • Well done that man, your an inspiration. :D
  • Well done that man, your an inspiration. :D
  • Well done that man, your an inspiration. :D
  • Well done that man, your an inspiration. :D
  • Well done that man, your an inspiration. :D
  • Well done that man, your an inspiration. :D
  • Well done that man, your an inspiration. :D
  • Well done that man, your an inspiration. :D
  • Well done that man, your an inspiration. :D
  • Well done that man, your an inspiration. :D
  • Well done that man, your an inspiration. :D
  • Thanks for the comments guys. I thought it may have been useful for people who are also trying to achieve weight loss etc, showing that it can be done.

    Would hardly say I am an inspiration however [especially so many times ;) ]
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    Judging by the thread title I really thought this was gonna be a thread about what my mates sister keeps in her bottom drawer.........

    In all seriousness, well done my friend. I'm a bit like you, except I didn't lose any weight yet.
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  • You certainly look good in your avatar picture!
  • You certainly look good in your avatar picture!

    Ha ha, thats about as much me as your avatar is you.