pannier rack on hardtail - rockrider 8.1 or something else

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I'm looking to get a hardtail, possibly the rockrider 8.1, but want to be able to put a pannier rack and mudguards on it for commuting. I've previously had bikes without appropriate eyelets for this sort of thing. So I'm a little unclear on how easy this is and the issues with disc brakes. i've read that the disc caliper ideally needs to be within the rear triangle, don't think this is the case with the rockrider.

I'd be grateful for any advice on how easy or difficult this is to do satisfactorily, particularly from any rockrider owners. Thanks


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    if you go to your lbs they will explain what you need its kind of hard to describe over here. basically you can get disk specific racks, some of which as you said do need the mounting in the rear triangle but you can buy the adaptors for this which are pretty cheep. Failing that maybe a post mounted rack?
    Depending on what riding your planning to do on it, it may not be the best idea. i ride with a 60l hikeing bag which is better for off road and if your stopping alot or riding up steep hills but hurts your arse getting pushed down into your seat that bit harder. Racks put alot more weight on the back wheel making steering lighter and less responsive (washes out easier), if you stop and get of sometime it lifts your front wheel and basically falls over, same when jumping and going up hill, guess it depends what kind of weight your looking to carry in it.
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    Just so you are aware, disk specific racks tend to be quite expensive. Tubus do a good range of adaptors. make racks specifically designed for all sorts of mountain bikes - great racks, but not cheap.