Boardman Road Team as a winter bike

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I know I'm asking for it for even considering buying a posh bike for a winter hack, but I was in Halfords today and they were offering the top end alu/105 model for £900. I'm getting fed up of scanning classifieds and ebay for a suitable winter hack, which I'll have to travel miles to get etc. and was well impressed with the spec on this bike for the money, plus I can do the old workscheme chestnut. I know I'll need to get it checked by a 'proper' bike mecanic lalalala..... but does anyone here have one of these, and will it take a mudguard?


  • Valy
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    Will take the the same as the Allez, crudracers.

    It looks like a really good bike - the welds are pretty immaculate. Not sure how it rides as I have not got one, but the general feedback is very good. The groupset is alright too with BB30 and a tapered fork all being quite good extras!
  • prawny
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    You'd be better off with the new comp, that will take full guards and by the looks if it slightly fatter tyres. Comes with lower gears too, which is nice when the weather is really bad.
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    do it -
    the winter bike doesnt have to be a cheapie, does it?
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    I've got last years model with SRAM Rival. I rode it through last winter with Crud Roadracers which just fitted but clearance is really tight and with these fitted you are looking at a maximum 23 mm tyre.

    As prawny says, for a winter bike I think you will be better off with the Road Comp as it's got bigger clearances , mudguard fittings and is a tiny bit more upright which helps confidence when it gets a bit slippy. Apex is about on par with 105 so that's not really a retrograde step. I guess white isn't the best colour for a winter ride though...