Maintenance after a good soaking

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So I got wet today, ridiculously wet in fact. My bike is looking a bit of a state and will need some cleaning up and a good bit of re lubing I would suspect. Does anyone have any tips on any specific maintenance that should be done in these circumstances?


  • Herbsman
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    1. Wash bike
    2. Rinse bike
    3. Dry bike
    4. Lubricate where necessary*.

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    Also drop a small amount of lube on the pivot points on the front and rear mechs, and also on the jockey wheels.
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    Straight after a wet ride I'd spray the chain with GT85 to get the water out. Then when you come to clean it (you didn't ride hard enough if it's the same day :p ) then basically as Herbsman's post. Don't jet wash or blast bearing areas with a hose (BB, headset, hubs) and don't get lube on the rims.
  • Thats all cosmetic stuff covered so far that you can see...there's other issues to consider.
    Water down the seatpost. A few years ago i rode through torrential rain for maybe 1 hour. Wiped the bike down as usual, put it away. Several days later, went back and i could see rusty water stains coming out of the chainstay holes :shock:

    Upturned the bike and water came out of the seat tube. Its sitting there (depending on the design of the frame) in the BB, i assume its water thats dripped down the seat tube.

    Further, i rode through heavy rain to work one day. Some hours later, i accidentally knocked the bike over, drive side down. I was amazed to see a puddle of water that must have collected in the cassette..
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    Also recommend putting some kitchen roll or newspaper between the brake mech and the tyres and the lubing the 2 pivots points on the brakes and the cable where it just goes into the outer, give it a good few pulls and then wipe off excess. The paper is there to stop any lube getting onto the tyres.

    If you want to do the above properly then tip the bike upside down, remove the wheels and then lube, etc. Which is what I have I just had to do to overhaul my fav bike having gone out for a club run yesterday in "a light rain shower that will quickly clear leaving sunny spells". It actually rained the whole way although, to be fair, sometimes less hard than others :), ho hum.
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    I just hose the bike down to get the worst of it off, then sponge most bits clean.

    Mucoff and a stiff brush is good for the block, chainrings and chain, then hose that off.

    Relube the chain.

    I've never turned the bike upside down to get water out in all the years I've had bikes.
  • Water can get in through an unlubed seat post, however tight it seems. Both grease and carbon paste seem to keep it out though.
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    I am not surprised that water finds its way in, I am a little puzzled as to how it doesn't drain out? Don't the majority of frames have drainage holes at the BB? I know mine do.