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CycloX vs MTB for child carrier

Crashs2kCrashs2k Posts: 78
Keen to get out and about with the new addition to our cycling clan who is 8 months old.

Unfortunately, both my road and MTB have carbon frames so no rack mounts and unsuitable for the seat-post clamp system on our Hamax Siesta.

I could re-build the Specialized Rockhopper alloy frame that has been in my shed for the last 5 years but since I have been doing all my miles on the road these days thoughts turned to a cyclocross bike as a winter trainer and also suitable for leisurely spins with little one.

Any thoughts as to differences between cycloX or MTB in terms of comfort, safety etc. I guess key differences between the two would be drop vs. flat bars, canti vs. disk brakes, tyre volume and geometry.

LBS has a Cannondale CAADX on sale which I like the look of.



  • inceince Posts: 289
    I had our Hamax attached to the wife's Subway which I used when I want to take the kids out on the bikes. All works fine on MTB geometry frame.

    I have also attached it to my GT series4 road bike (wife didn't feel confident to ride with the kid on the back). I was surprised to find the GT road bike was more stable than the Subway with the kid on the back. His movements had less of and impact the bike.

    From by brief experience I would consider the Cyclocross as a good option.
  • Thanks for the response Ince.

    Interesting that you say you found it more stable on the road bike than the wife's MTB. Others have said that narrower bars of the road bike and higher centre of gravity would make the handling feel a bit sketchy and the more relaxed geometry of the MTB would be more sensible?

    Do you have the seat-post or rack-mounted Hamax? Also, any issues with getting on the bike as standover height would be taller on the road bike vs MTB?
  • Daz555Daz555 Posts: 4,040
    edited September 2011
    Considered a trailer instead?

    After recently upgrading our old Hamax seat for a 2 seat child trailer (to take my two to nursery and school each day) I have to say that there is just no comparison. Better for both rider and child. Only hassle might be if you have some very narrow trails to ride on or some awkward gates/barriers to get through on your regular rides.
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  • inceince Posts: 289
    I had no more issues getting on and off the bike than I do when the seat is attached to a mountain bike. My bike is only a 52cm frame, mountain bike is a 18", never looked to see what the difference is height wise between the two.

    The seat we have is a seat-post mount type. I do have a rack fitted to the GT and so the seat was sat on top of this.

    We had taken the bikes to Centre Parks when I fitted the seat so it was tested on tarmac and dirt paths. I just noticed when the little guys was moving around, rocking from side to side etc there was less of an impact on the motion of the bike. When he moves quickly from one side to the other (as kids do) to look around he could cause the Subway to weave, this effect was a lot less on the road bike.

    I've not tested is since as most of the time when I take him out its on dirt paths around the forest and so use the Subway.
  • An option for a MTB ...
  • I've got a seat-tube mounted seat on a Carrera Kraken.

    It's fine but because the top tube drops down a bit towards the seat, the mount has to be quite low. This means that the child seat is quite low and, if I put the foot rests down so my 2 year old doesn't look like she's poised with her knees bent to do a ski jump, my feet bang against hers when I'm pedalling.

    I like the idea of a cyclocross for it - the higher top tube would give a bit more flexibility and might even allow for mounting the seat high enough to get a pannier rack on too!

    I must admit that I do find getting on the bike a bit challenging with the little one on the back. As you allude to, you can't lean the bike over very much with a bike weight quite high up on the back so I end up having to grab my foot and pull it over the top tube! Perhaps I could do with gaining some flexibility! I think a CX bike would still be doable, just a bit of a faff.

    I would probably want to go with wide-ish tyres. I've got some 1.3" ones on my Carrera and they feel a bit thin.

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