Researching my granddads bike career

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Hi all

Wth the Olympics hitting London again, I've been inspired to find out a little more about my granddads cycling career. It was claimed by his sons (my dad and uncle) that he rode in the 1908 Olympics in London, but got a puncture in the first round (using silk tyres back then). Hanging on our wall is the entrants badge to prove it.

But I can't find his name (Pasco) anywhere on the results pages here - If there somewhere else I can ask / look, or is it all some elaborate family hoax?! There is no-one left of that generation to shed any light on the story...


  • Is Pasco first or last name?

    I'm sure you could update wikipedia to add it :o)
  • here's the official report of the 1908 olympics, comeptitors names and even names of the cycling judges etc. ... 8/1908.pdf

    One possibilty would be to checkout the cycling competitors names and google them, presumably there would have been some form of prelim cycling prior to the games itself.

    Also is there an irish connection in your family as bike polo was demoed at the 1908 games.

    or it could be a huge family con, just like the story I believed of my great uncle mary being the first transexual on the moon.

    or you could try checking the local papers of the day, sure it would have been mentioned somewhere.
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