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wombarwombar Posts: 119
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I blatantly didn't need another bike, but quite frankly I was bored and wanted something with disc brakes that I can ride around some of the trails in the New Forest. I have a 7 mile ride to the New Forest, so I wanted something with drop bars that wasn't as slow as my MTB.

Here it is before it got muddy and hadn't even been ridden yet.



  • Nice, your case for buying it seems well justified. :P

    I want another bike, but I have to clean the garage out first (there simply isn't room).
  • wombarwombar Posts: 119
    Haha, well I promised myself that if I built this bike, I'd have to sell my Hardrock Sport. At present it's just cluttering up the garage and hasn't been used for months. I've got a Boardman HT Pro and a BeOne Storm as well, so there's really no need for two hard tails.

    I really enjoyed building this bike up myself. It wasn't really any cheaper, but it was a lot of fun and I learned a lot. It's got a full Ultegra groupset and hand built wheels by Harry Rowland.

    I just spent the afternoon riding round the New Forest in the sun shine. Really can't get any better than that :)
  • nice bike, nice wheels. It's good, I like it.
  • I like Cotic bikes usually but not the Cotic X and it's purely a styling thing. A cross bike with a sloping top tube just looks wrong. I think the styling is understandably aimed at pleasing mtb riders than road ones. I don't like the look of cross bikes with disc brakes yet but I'm sure I'll get used to it through time.

    I've only ever seen photos so maybe it looks nicer in the flesh. I'm sure I'll see one soon enough.

    I take it you're a big lad cos that stem looks really long. Oh and the seat appear to be pointing upward.
    Scottish and British...and a bit French
  • wombarwombar Posts: 119
    Fair enough Dave:)

    For me, the Cotic ticked all the boxes. I personally love the looks, and disc brakes are one of the main reasons for the build. Saying that, I'm more of a mountain biker at heart than a roadie, so that probably explains it.

    About time we started seeing more bikes with disc brakes instead of rim brakes. Discs are the future, better get used to them ;)

    It's not the best picture because it was taken at a slight angle. Makes it look a bit longer than it really is. Saying that, I wanted a much more stretched out position compared to my "proper" road bike so it suits me fine for now. I've been out a couple of times on it now, and I really like the ride position.

    Like I said, that picture was taken before I'd even ridden it. As soon as I sat on it, I readjusted the saddle height/angle.
  • Actually it's kinda growing on me already. I were right about that saddle though*

    *OK that didn't make much sense but I just wanted to use the line from that Yellow Pages ad.
    Scottish and British...and a bit French
  • nferrarnferrar Posts: 2,511
    Very nice, white bar tape on a cross bike is an 'interesting' choice though :p
  • wombarwombar Posts: 119
    Haha, yes as I found out when I went for my first ride :) White probably wasn't the best choice, but it's holding up okay for now. Don't think it'll do too well once the rain/mud arrives but we'll see.

    i've been out a few times on it now, and I've got to say I'm loving it. My road bike was a bit harsh running at 100psi on 23c tyres. Going up to 37c is like riding on a long stream of fluffy pillows. I'm also surprised how little it's slowed me down.

    Either way, I'm very happy with it so far :)
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