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Racing in Staffs/Cheshire?

JohnpsandersonJohnpsanderson Posts: 380
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With an eye on co-inciding trips to my parents with the odd bike race next year - can anyone suggest the best club TT's / open TT's / circuit races in spitting distance of Stoke on Trent?

I have already clocked that a trip to Darley Moor could form part of the trip home to Essex.

I've tried leafing through the CTT handbook to workout relevant courses - but deciphering it is a struggle...!
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  • PokerfacePokerface Posts: 8,640
    Any of the 'J' courses are in the Greater Manchester/Cheshire area for TTing. But you'll need a car to get to them from Stoke!
  • What sort of thing are you looking at - there is the A50 course (code is A25 something ?) from Etwall if you like dual carriageways - you get 10s, 25s, 100 opens on that. About
    30 miles straight down the A50 to get there.

    Circuit racing - Darley is popular but also Curborough midweek (near Lichfield) and then there is that new one in Solihull (?) if that's not too far.

    Not interested in open road racing - there is quite a bit on in the West Mids both BC and LVRC - not sure about TLI ?

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  • BeaconRuthBeaconRuth Posts: 2,086
    I think it's the J5/8 which is a very fast 25 course on the A50 between Stoke and Uttoxeter. I rode on it once but will never again - madness in my view but it doesn't stop many testers.

    There's a popular road race league on weeknights called something like SSSRRL (South Staffs and Shropshire Road Race League?). Ask John or Gareth in the Beacon about it.

  • Sorry - should have been clearer - i'm after weekend stuff as that's when i'm up there. Thanks for the tip on the A50 - but i'll probably avoid it - I know there are a lot of views on dual carriage-way testing - but i'm not a fan.[/quote]
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  • jgsijgsi Posts: 5,027
    Is it road races or timetrials?
    There a few tli / lvrc road races on a weekend using Audlem/ Worleston/ Swynnerton and Siddington circuits over the season... all within reach.. just keep eye open for 2012 calendar when it makes an appearance.
    Not forgetting a few Bc races also.
    The area is quite well catered for .

    I use the A50 as a training road where it heads towrds Warrington from my home.... never an issue with traffic.
  • use the A50 as a training road where it heads towrds Warrington from my home.... never an issue with traffic.

    It's a long road :D The Etwall section gets a lot of traffic off the M1 heading for the M6...
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  • John
    For early season next year, there will be several Saturday events on the Sundorne, Shrewsbury closed road circuit, which could be easy to get to from Stoke, though dependent upon which side of Stoke you will be staying..

    Later in the year, there will also be Saturday events at Curborough, just north of Lichfield

    Do you have a track bike ? There are a couple of open Saturday events at the Newcastle-under-Lyme outdoor velodrome....??

    Finally, if you aretravelling up from Essex on a Saturday, then closed circuits events at Milton Keynes Bowl, or Victoria Park, Leamington Spa, might also be a possibility while on route.....
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