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Malvern Hills

jonnyboy66ukjonnyboy66uk Posts: 260
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Hi All,

I remember eading about some good riding in the malvern hills and I am due a weekend away... Has anybody got any tips on routes or preferably some gpx routes....


  • Not used any maps or routes but when I went to the Malverns I found it very easy to just head up into the hills and discover trails. There's a lot of obvious options for mountain biking when you get there.

    Sorry not much help, someone else will surely have some more specific info. - The ultimate guide to mountain biking in Wales
  • Agree with TrailGuru. Just turn up and ride. All the paths are rideable although some are pretty steep and long uphills so pace yourself. There are a couple of routes on Malvern's LBS website

    Their start point at North Quarry is easy to find to park and also when you are coming back on your bike. Trying to follow a map or even a GPS on a bike is pretty difficult as many of the paths are close together and criss-cross.

    You can keep going south right to the bottom end of the hills and easily do 4 hours+ without riding the same path twice and only doing a few hundred metres on road. The northern two thirds are pretty much mud free even in the middle of winter.

    Do go early or late in the day as there are a lot of walkers on the paths otherwise. Also don't leave any valuables visible as there has been a recent spate of break-ins on cars.
  • tlw1tlw1 Posts: 18,928
    Been there and it was ok.

    Easy to find a route though
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