It's been a whole year, but i'm back :)

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Hello all,
I used to frequent this forum often under the name of Saracen fan.
I stopped riding for a year and only just started riding again recently. Madly, I decided to get back into it by signing up to the CRC Ruthin round of the MTB marathon.
I entered the mini marathon and managed to finish it, even though I am 2 stone heavier than last time, and was also severely hung-over. :lol:

The point of this is just to say that I have the bug again and intend to stick to it this time.

I learnt a few things:

1) i'm massively unfit

2) My bike was struggling with the tougher stuff, so may need some upgrades

3) It was a massive buzz and I want to get properly back into it!

So, I look forward to getting back in the saddle!
Boardman Comp 2011 Hardtail