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Hey quick q, what's the difference between the tyres that come in the box, and the ones that are already unfolded.. just wondering which ones are actually better,

Thanks guys :)
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  • 1mancity2
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    All tyres are different, made of different compounds, some are wire beaded, some are folding.

    You need to be a bit more specific on what you actual need to know, i.e what tyre for wet conditions?
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  • angry_bird
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    The tyres that are folded up in boxes will have a kevlar bead, they're generally lighter, than non-folding tyres with steal wire beads and more expensive.

    Some brands only really do their very basic single compound tyres in wire bead and do their grippy aftermarket compounds on folding tyres. Other manufacturers, maxxis springs to mind, make their wire bead tyres in a range of compounds similar to their folding tyres