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What 2011 road bike for £1k?

paulmardonpaulmardon Posts: 21
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I have seen many posts that seem to go back over a number of years asking this question so wondered if anybody could provide some advice on the 2011 models that are out there and bring the advice bang up to date; of course I may even pick up a bargain as shops try and make way for 2012 models.
My scenario is that I have been riding a 1995 Cannondale R600 until it was totalled last week in an RTA. I cycle 2-4 times a week to work (26 mile round trip) and enjoy the odd 30-50 mile weekend jaunt but am looking to do the odd 70-100 once/twice a year. Each time I ride I ride hard using it as a workout rather than just leisurely touring around.
Budget is around the £1k mark but of course for the right bike at the right price there is always a bit of flex.
At present the Cube Attempt, Boardman Team an Planet X Pro Carbon Rival seem to be jumping out at me but not sure of pros v cons of full carbon etc.
Also, does anybody have any idea what the RRP of my Cannondale was in the UK in1995 as I bought mine abroad and need to know for insurance purposes.
Thanks in advance of any help and advice.


  • Can't really help much beyond recommending looking at the Cannondales as well (Synapse or CAAD8/10). If the last one was good for 16 years, it's got to be worth looking at the new ones...
    FCN 3 / 4
  • Also, just noted Bike Radar's review of Moda's Rubato - may suit me as I like to ride hard rather than bimble around - thoughts?
  • bigmatbigmat Posts: 5,134
    Unless you find something on special offer, I don't think you can beat the deals at Planet X / Ribble really.
  • Agreed - stick with what I had before ie Cannondale is not a bad idea but this policy may mean I do not end up with the best bike.
  • solboysolboy Posts: 368
    Focus Cayo 105 £880 @ Wiggle
    Verenti Rhigos 0.4 £810 @ Wiggle
    Giant TCR Composite 2 £1199 @ Wiggle

    Check them out.
  • CAAD10 would be on my list for £1k.
    I have the TCR composite 1, which i think is the same frame as the comp 2 suggested. Very nice frame!
  • I just got a Wilier La Triestina from Evans, it was reduced to £999.
  • hstileshstiles Posts: 414
    Slightly over budget, but I got a Raleigh Avanti Carbon 2011 from Evans for £1099 on a price match. Otherwise, Chain Reacton Cycles will do a Vitus Dark Plasma or Be One Pearl for £999.
  • the Cube is excellent i've got one and use it pretty much every day I also have a planet x tt bike and think it is a great bike too both are out standing value for money imo
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    Cube attempt 2010
  • weaponsweapons Posts: 367
    If you're happy buying off the web, this €1099 Canyon looks amazing value with full Ultegra groupset. They have a good reputation and are highly reviewed.
  • I've just recently bought a Moda Rubato - Christmas / New Year present to myself. It's my first 'proper' road bike, with a max £1000 budget. Up until now I had either borrowed or hired a road bike for some triathlons.

    I spoke to my cycling mates and studied the reviews. I then compiled a short list and had some test rides. There were a few things I wanted near the top of the list aside from the usual components / value for money given the budget, and that was preferably European and a decent paint job - by that I mean bright colours so car drivers see me a little more easily. Yes, the Cannondale CAAD8 / Specialized Secteur / Trek that I tried were all good bikes, but every man and his dog has one of those - as ridden by my friends. The Focus and Boardman were too dull in colour for my likes. I also tested an Orbea and Bianchi.

    I really liked the look of the Orbea TTG but the component list just didn't compare with the opposition. The Bianchi Via Narone 7 was ok but a bit too 'blingy'. The final toss up was between the Cube Peleton 2012 and the Moda Rubato. Cube dealer wanted a deposit (non-refundable) and didn't have the bike in stock. So to get a test ride I basically had to pay some cash and hope I liked it. The Moda dealer was great. The correct size bike for me was in, I test rode it for about 20 minutes and the bike felt great. We discussed price and what he'd add in to the purchase (pedals, shoe cleats, full set up, Continental Gatorskin tyres). I ended up paying £910, the price tag was £999.99

    I've had the bike about 3 weeks now and can't ride it enough. It looks even better in real life - it gets lots of admiring looks. It seems pretty comfortable to me on 25-30 mile rides so far absorbing rough road surfaces well, and I have no trouble keeping up with my mates. And as per Bikeradar's review, it really does love to go fast with the really good looking American Classic Victory wheels as standard. The Microshift White gears are easy and I like the fact that the brake levers are just that.
    Best of all, I'm pleased I've been able to purchase a British bike with a lifetime guarantee on the frame.

    I'm really chuffed with my purchase. I just wish I'd got into road cycling, instead of running and associated injuries, years ago. It's a revelation. Roll on some fine weather!
  • alihisgreatalihisgreat Posts: 3,872
    Could be worth looking into Rose?

    They still have some 2011 bikes at lower prices, and come with very good spec for the price

    the Pro-SL-2200 2011 has an alu frame, full apex groupset, easton aero wheels, carbon seatpost, 8.1kg for a 57cm build all for ~£860 inc. delivery.

    and these would be a little more individual than the ribbles, planet xs and canyons... as well as a bit cheaper too.

    There are also good deals on 2012 bikes at the moment -> Evanscycles has 10% off 2012 bikes (although only until tomorrow), and if you look around you can find even better deals elsewhere.
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