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i have been riding fixed single speed for a few months now and I feel I need to move to a higher gear. I currently run 42/16. What is the best 'next step' to go to - 15 or 14 rear cog, or do I go for a bigger chain ring?

All advice appreciated


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    Better to go for a bigger chainring, it means that for any given gear size (or "dévelopement", as they say in this part of the world) the incremental gaps increasing or decreasing will be smaller. Bear in mind that small differences in gearhave a much bigger effect with a fixed wheel than with gears.

    Of course if you are not regularly going over 60km:h with your current gearing you could just turn your legs over a bit faster :D:D

    42/16 gives 69.2" with a 23 section tyre (diameter is 26.4", not 27")
    42/15 gives 73.9"

    48/18 gives 70.3" 48/17 gives 74.5" 44/16=72.5"

    If you are ever thinking of having a go at limited gear time-trials you will be limited to 72" which would be 46/17 (71.4") or 49/18 (71.8")

    A bigger ring should give you a smoother transmission, a smaller sprocket will save you a couple of grams of weight, turning your legs faster makes you go faster without changing anything. You take your pick.

    Happy choosing
    Cheers Jo