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Valparaiso - Chile - Anyone know where to ride?

willhartwillhart Posts: 41
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I am in the Royal Navy and will be visiting Valparaiso in Chile.

I know that Chile has some amazing mountains and some awesome trails but I am having serious trouble finding any decent route information on the internet. Partly because my internet access here on the ship is slow and very limited.

Has anybody ridden in Chile before especially near Valparaiso. There are 4 of us who have our bikes on the ship and we are all up for some fairly serious big mountain riding if we can find it. We will hire a car if necessary but the closer to the port of Valparaiso the better.

If anybody knows anything about serious MTB riding in this part of the world then I would love to here about it, or be pointed in the direction of a good web site that can help.

Many Thanks in advance.

Will. :D :?:


  • BroodBrood Posts: 138
    Canyon Nerve AM 6 2011
  • Contact Rosario Reyes Hochfarber - [email protected]

    Thay maybe able to help.
    Located at Vino Del Mar, beside Valporiosa.

    The lovely lady in charge took us into her house to watch world cup semi final last year Germany v Spain. Tell her hello from the guys who went to Easter Island to see the Eclipse! They hire MTB's so may know local routes.

    Lovely town you are going to.
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  • bigmatbigmat Posts: 5,111
    Yep, very cool place. We drove from there to Mendoza in Argentina and that took us through some stunning mountain scenery, so there should be some great terrain relatively accessible. I don't know how long you'll have, but there are some nice cycle tours of the vinyards around Mendoza that might make for a relaxing day off from the rugged stuff if you did head out that way.
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