Getting used to Look Keo Max 2

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3 years clipless using cheap spds. Now upgraded to proper road pedals, am having quite a lot of trouble clipping in. Wondered if anyone had any tips or advice. It seems to be fine while I am cycling, clipping in and out. Is just from a standing start, with buses and other cyclists behind me, is well, very difficult. Is it just practice, or are Look pedals especially difficult?.



  • Just a matter of getting used to them. Dont worry about other things around you, just relax and you'll soon get used to them.
  • I am in the same boat as you. No problem when there is no pressure but trying to get across a busy road/junction is a nightmare but it is getting better for me.
    Just relax and try not to panic (easier said than done) and find a nice quite lane and practice for half an hour a couple of times a week until it becomes second nature.
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  • Thanks for the tips. Did you guys do much adjustment of cleats?
  • There was an issue with Look Keo pedals about 18 months ago where the bearings were slightly tight and they would not drop into the proper position for clipping in again. I suspect as well that they had got the weight balance slightly wrong.

    The problem is that the pedal should sit about 30degrees off vertical, so that as you bring your pedal round when starting off the shoe does not land flat on the pedal but rather the lip at the front engages and then as you go over the top the back of the cleat automatically engages. if the weight of the pedal is not in the right place or the bearings are a smidgeon tight the pedal sits in the wrong position.

    I had a pair of these Keos and found after even a couple of thousand miles that I still did not get on with them and have now swapped to Speedplay. I may on reflection try adding a bit of ballast at the back and see if they improve.