£650 to Spend

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I am looking to purchase my first road bike for a while and would be grateful for any help given

I have £650 to spend on the bike, I have a couple of bikes in mind

Cannondale CAAD 8 Sora CD
Specialized Allez Sport 27

Any other bikes that could be added to this

Thanks in advance Darren


  • The Boardman Road Race gets very good reviews at this price point.

    It is a great looking bike too.

    http://www.bikeradar.com/gear/category/ ... e-11-45110
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    Give the sales are here, you should be able to set up from Sora groupsets, but the old rule of buying what you like applies here :D
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  • Ribble 7005 Race - 7005 alumium frame, carbon forks, full Tiagra group (everything from cassette to BB to chain to brifters and mechs), I think about £600 nowadays... See special edition bikes on Ribble website. There is a lead time when you order though - few weeks or so. Otherwise keep your eyes skinned for bargains, this is the time of year when retailers offload last year's stock
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  • At what time do the new season bikes normally come out and the discounts on last seasons bikes start.
  • Ive just bought the 2011 Specialized you mention. Very pleased with it. Im new to all this too
  • felt f95/z95 or possibly an orbea? It'd mean you dont look the same as everyone else...
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    I know you'll keep hearing this and prob want new but;

    £500 to £600 will buy you a nearly new bike of around £1000 to £1300.

    Instead of a new CAAD 8 Sora You will get a sub 500 mile 1 year old CAAD 9 tiagra or even 105 that has been garaged due to a bored owner etc.

    bide your time on the sites. Bargains to be had.

    I bought as asecond bike a mint nearly new CAAD 9 with 200 miles on the clock, not a mark on it, tyres had nobbles in the centre etc. in showroom condition, £450 last month. Pair of Ultremo ZX for £50, what a bike for that money.
  • Forgot to mention it's on the cycle2work scheme so second hand nearly new is out of the question.
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    Cannondale CAAD 8 Sora CD

    The CAAD8 Tiagra is only 675 here:
    http://www.tritoncycles.co.uk/m14b280s6 ... S_GB/20187
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    "At what time do the new season bikes normally come out and the discounts on last seasons bikes start?"

    The new season models are coming out about now, presumably in time for Christmas. The discounts started a month or so ago, either to clear stock or in time for my birthday in November
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  • My birtdays in November too :)