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Lee/cragg and lots more



  • DodgeTDodgeT Posts: 2,255
    Hopefully getting up there late tomorrow afternoon for a bit of a play :)
  • kinmofokinmofo Posts: 172
    1mancity2 wrote:
    kinmofo wrote:
    ... although i did censored it a bit when i landed front wheel first on the table tops lol. hopefully i'll have the balls to carry more speed through second table top into berm some time soon :D

    JUMP the berm flick the bike to the left, land on the trail and continue forward, do not stop until you pass go!!!

    yeah, or get some beefyer rear susp, and some pads, have a J then tackle it! i have no fear when im high :lol


    oh, and on monday i found out i may have mild asperger syndrome... (which may explain my "specialness") :lol: pending on furthur testing. but its like 80% cert that i am.
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