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Apple Ipad and wifi

BigStu2BigStu2 Posts: 794
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If you have an Ipad but no PC can you still get a modem/ router to work in your home, only asking as my mum now has an Ipad and would like to send the odd email without resorting to heading down to Mc Donalds and using the wifi there.


  • At the moment you need itunes on pc or mac to activate your ipad. Thats due to change some time shortly with icloud, and you can activate and sync over the air fully with apples new online cloud storage datacentre. You dont need a pc or mac long term, just to activate. My gf activated hers using my mac 6 months ago, and hasnt done so since.

    As far as internet is concerned, you either need 3g sim card and contract, or an internet modem which has routing capabilities, in most cases thats an ADSL router that comes with your broadband package. However it needs to have wifi on the router. Then you can configure your ipad to access the internet via your wifi network, thru your adsl router and ta-da you are back on this site.

    Hope that helps, but feel free to query.
  • BigStu2BigStu2 Posts: 794
    Thanks, I thought you could do it, I'll just get her to phone around for broadband prices and shes in buisness.
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