[Injury] Shoulder Separation / Acromioclavicular Separation

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Anyone else managed this delightful(ly shite) injury? I've been in a right old state with mine. Doctor's tinkering between Type III / Type V and I have to wait, in total, four weeks before I can go back to get the final verdict regarding a corrective operation.

What have you had, how long did it take to recover, do you get normal use now, did you need an operation, etc? I just want some interwebz reassurance from others in the know.


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    Hi mmx

    I have also had the dreaded "AC" joint injury several times over the years. In total I managed to separate it 3 times before the docs made me have the op. The good news is I wish I had been operated on sooner! Took about 4 months post op before I could ride again gently and about a year for the soreness and occasional twinge to disappear completely.

    That was all about 3 years ago and I now have no issues at all hope that helps. It will improve, just takes time.
  • Spiros time line for recovery is the same as mine. I have had both shoulders operated on and have no regrets having surgery, although the first few months are hell. One thing I would recommend if surgery is required, is to have the op at the beginning of winter as having your arm in a shoulder brace in summer is really uncomfortable.