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feeling greedy-

fazersmartfazersmart Posts: 48
edited September 2011 in Road buying advice
Ive just bought a Focus Cayo ultegra last month. Can't complain, its a nice bike and rides well


I just happen to have popped into my LBS and saw a Cervelo S2 with Mavic krysium SL wheels and Dura Ace groupset for £2300 in my size!!!! :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:
Its last years team bike from last year being sold off. I reckon I could even get more off it.

I don't need it but blimy!!!! Theyres an :twisted: to me. Why can't i be happy with what Ive got? even the Canyon sale has got me interested!!!

Anyone else suffer similar problems? Ive been cycling for last year.


  • if you can afford BUY IT (if you can't, sell something) 8)
    I like shiny bikes - especially Italian ones.....!!
  • BUY IT!! RT Tester
    north west of england.
  • brabusbrabus Posts: 138
    DO IT!!! :D

    Thats how i ended up with my new felt AR3 which I dont need and cant afford! :roll:

    ...but you only live this life once!! :lol:
  • What size is it? And which bike shop?

  • brabusbrabus Posts: 138
    oh come to think of it thats a really nice bike.....i might go for it if its the right size and stick the unused felt on ebay!

    ........which shop is it? :wink:
  • SecteurSecteur Posts: 1,971
    No reply - he must be at the shop now buying it!!
  • brabusbrabus Posts: 138
    he he he!

    there is nothing like someone else picking up what you have just put back to make you want it all the more!! :lol:
  • Ha ha, the one I'm interested in is still being used in races & won't be available until October.
    Those of you willing to try your luck for a larger model, they're at Phil Corley cycles in Milton Keynes.

    So I'm ok to be obsessed & get it? I mean how often do these deals come about? :twisted:
  • 16mm16mm Posts: 545
    fazersmart wrote:
    So I'm ok to be obsessed & get it? I mean how often do these deals come about? :twisted:

    They come about this time of year, every year.
    Every team gets rid of the the team bikes at a price that reflects the use. Even British Cycling has a 2nd hand bikes page on the website.
  • APIIIAPIII Posts: 2,010
    I was in there today, but managed to resist temptation. They had ex team Mavic Ultimates with tubs and cassette for £999. I had a good look and they seemed perfect. Not sure I could explain another set of wheels though...
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