anyone spare a turbo trainer for 1 day for charity ?

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HI guys,

Got a sponsored thing at school ( whereby the pupils are going to try to cover 500km's (amalgamated) in a day using rowing machines, running machines, cross trainers and static bikes. The school is based in North Leeds between Leeds, Harrogate and Wetherby.

Obviously the bikes are going to get the most miles and for that I am asking around if anyone has a turbo trainer that they would be happy to lend the school for the day (no bike required, we have school bikes we can use) so that they can have a better chance of achieving their sponsored target.

Next summer they are visiting an orphanage in Cambodia and this is the charity they are hoping to raise as much cash for as possible, feel free to contact me for more details of this if you’d like to know more.

I’d be happy to collect and drop back your trainers to minimise your inconvenience and of course would look after them personally.




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    Neil - one here in Liverpool but a bit of a distance for you though my wife does go to Leeds on business for a day most weeks. If any use pm me and we can try to sort it.


    Also no need to look after it as I hate the thing :D
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    I live in Hillam, about 20 miles from Harewood You're welcome to borrow my Tacx Flow. PM me if you're interested.
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    Bit far away myself, Surrey!

    Contact your local cycle clubs, British Cycling or your local CTC officer.

    All the best with the challenge
  • pdstsp wrote:

    Also no need to look after it as I hate the thing :D

    :lol: thanks for your kind offer but its a touch to far, thanks again for the offer though its appreciated
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    No problem and good luck with the challenge.