Weird sound when i stand up and pedal hard!

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Hello I'm new to the forum and mountain biking!
I own a GT Avalanche 3.0 I haven't owned the bike for long and do not know much about bikes so am not too very clued up on how to fix problems that may arise!

Recently I have found that when I stand up on my bike and pedal hard there is a sort of clicking sound I'm guessing it's either something to do with my suspension or crank. Can anyone give me a clue on what this could be or how to fix it?




  • most likely the crank. take it off (if you can) clean all the contacting areas and reassemble.

    But it could be many things i'm sorry to say
  • I have this problem and it seems to be the bolts on the outer (largest) chainring. Whenever I tighten them up, hard, the 'clicking' goes away but it does come back and a retightening sorts it again. I can only assume the cheap components I have are the reason for this. This may not be the problem in your case but worth a bash?
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    Could be your knees? ? :lol:
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  • Could it be peddle bearings?
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    Sounds like the crank and or bottom bracket to be honest. Like others have said, take them apart, clean, grease and put them back together. If you decide to do that, check the cranks after the first ride to make sure they haven't come lose.
  • pedals, cranks, BB, chain rings, could even be the stem and handle bars, you just have to check them all, grease appropriate parts and eliminate the noise through this process
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    Had the same problem. Ticking noise when pedaling hard.
    I was convinced it was the BB and replaced it.

    Ticking was still there.

    Took pedals off and just greased the threads.

    Ticking now gone.

    Moral: do the easy/cheap eliminations first before wasting money ;-)
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  • Fixed a similar clicking last night - pedal bearings.
  • I have the same bike and had the exact same problem.
    It was the bottom bracket on mine, needed greasing and tightening.
    Was done by the shop I bought the bike from, the guy said he has an Avalanche and it's a common thing.
    I was having my bike serviced anyway so they did it as part of the service, otherwise would have cost £14 to remove/grease/refit the bottom bracket.
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    just to add - could also be a loose cassette or worn free hub.

    TBH 60% of my maintenance time is tracing and removing noises. Its the downside of owning FS and the 20+ sets of bearings that come with them.
  • Mine turned out to be the bars. The clamp (old style quill) was slightly loose and where I was exerting pressure the bars were rocking slightly.
  • Could be caused by chain stays flexing, my Specialized Hardrock makes flexes enough to almost jump out of gear on the cassette when I really stomp on the pedals