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Mountain Bike Choice?

feverpitch010feverpitch010 Posts: 3
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Hi. I was wondering if anyone could help me choose an mountain bike which would best suit me?
Being almost 40 I was around when BMX racing was around at the start and I really got into that. Though as like a lot of others I grew up and got into other sports like football and rugby. But now my body has told me enough is enough. That's how i've got around to deciding to give mountain biking a go.
I've read some mags and did some checking on the net but I still can't decide which bike best suits. What i'm looking for is a bike which I can use on the road and trails. Though as i'm new to this i'm not sure upon the number, or the level of difficulty the trails are in Northern Ireland.
Any tips on the pros and cons of hardtails, full-suspension and 29ers would be grateful.
I have a budget of between £750 - £1000.
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