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Looking to get fit and get on some proper routes and stop dreading hills. Starting to work from home so have the time to commit to a decent training plan.

Whats the better way to get going first off, short rides every day slowly increasing distance/reducing time. Every other day to allow recovery time, 2 big rides a week etc. As i dont have a commute i have no reason to ride apart from for the fun or fitness so keeping the motivation will be key, so knowing what are good targets to hit should help.

Apart from the improvements, what is the minimum required to keep the newly gained leg power going?

I'm assuming this has been asked many times so point out a good thread if there is one.


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    Maybe the one with Health Fitness and Training in the title.
    For me I just ride for fun.
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    I also ride for fun... and I find that a couple of rides a week keeps me fit enough to keep it fun. I used to do just the one proper climb for a mid-week ride... now I often do three, but that's only because I'm enjoying the challenge. In my opinion the best motivation is riding with your mates.
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  • If i had a fitness plan for riding my bike the bike would be sold within weeks, go out when you feel like it and you won't even notice your fitness levels improving until you try that climb that almost killed you in the past. The first time i rode Llandegla i nearly turned back on the climb it was so tough 12 moths later i do a full loop of the black run without a break, the ride into work without breaking sweat. Ride for the fun and thrill of it don't make it a chore as you'll soon get fed up then buy a road bike, wear lycra and start shaving your legs.
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