GT Zum S2 upgrade parts??? Any Suggestions?

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Hi all,

I have a GT Zum S2 and have recently changed to road cycling. I kept the GT as I thought it would make a good winter bike! :D

Details of the bike are below;

Does anyone have any suggestions as to which parts to upgrade?
The rims and tyres are excellent and the brakes are hugely responsive.
I suppose I am looking at more the gears. The shifters work well but the chainring ratio could probably be a lot better. I would like to make it more similar to a road bike set up, anyone have any ideas of the ratios and cranket I could upgrade to? Or even what type? Sora Tiagra? will this work?

Cheers :D


  • Switch to proper road wheels and tyres, you will shed weight, and it will make a much more drastic imrpovement to the ride. That said it is a hydraulic disc brake set, so will have a few problems.

    In my opinion, if the drivetrain is not broken, there is never a need to change it. Most of the time you end up spunking too much money on saving 50g and a 0.000000001ms faster shift.