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High Wycombe RR this weekend?

protoproto Posts: 1,475
edited October 2011 in Amateur race
Anyone riding this?

Please don't fall off, I'm driving the first aid car and my wife is the first aider.

I don't want any of your blood on my lovely leather seats !


  • Well I'll do my best. Although it's a long time since I've been in a car with leather seats.
  • ju5t1nju5t1n Posts: 2,028
    I'm riding.

    The forecast doesn't look too clever, so you might get mud as well as claret.
  • protoproto Posts: 1,475
    Phew, I've still got clean seats!

    What is the riders think of the new marshalling system? Looked very effective from my vantage point and I heard a HWCC rider comment that it gave much more confidence when sweeping through a junction at speed (onto the A40 for example, just after passing under the motorway).
  • ju5t1nju5t1n Posts: 2,028
    Hi Proto,

    Thanks to you and your HWCC colleagues for a well organised and well marshalled race. Glad to hear your first aid skills weren’t needed.

    For context this was one of the test events that British Cycling have been running where the marshals have the legal right to stop traffic using a road-sign on a pole similar to those used by the lollipop ladies you see outside schools. I rode in one of the other test events last month up at Cranfield and it does make a difference going into a corner with a high degree of confidence that there won’t be any traffic heading towards you. But for me the biggest difference in these events comes when the motorcycle escort group are present (which they were also in this event), these guys do a superb job very time.

    It was a good race and I do like that Great Milton course, even in weather like we had yesterday. I even managed to pick up some points in the sprint.

    Thanks again,

  • protoproto Posts: 1,475
    Thanks Justin, but the real thanks should go to organisers Alasdaic McV and John Francis. Good venue, decent course good field. Agree about the NEG too, flippin' excellent bunch, and do a brilliant job.

    Thrilled for my HWCC clubmate Karla Boddy, the only female in the race. A real gutsy ride from her, gritted her teeth and hung on, finishing in the bunch.
  • KboddyKboddy Posts: 37
    Thanks Tim, Only just seen this!
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