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Ridley Phaeton R

rollingthunderrollingthunder Posts: 109
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XL 2011 Ridley Phaeton R
Campy Chorus / Carbon Centaur mix
Campagnolo Scirocco CX wheelset

Got rid of a Cervelo Soloist Team and Ridley Damolces ISP to fund this Phaeton frame and a Ridley Noah 1120a frame (which should arrive at October's start). This will be used as a training bike. Very stiff and fast.

I have to admit that I have a real soft spot for Aluminium.This, the CAAD9 / 10 and Cervelo S1 are all able to stand alongside or even above many popular carbon rides.



  • Christ, it's massive :shock:

    Are you a giraffe?
  • Pretty close to it. 6ft 4inches tall...ex bodybuilder/rugby player...need big bikes!

    Have had an XL Ridley Damocles, Ridley Gladius and Ridley Pegasus. Also had a size 61 Cervelo Soloist Team, and still have a 63cm steel Pina as well as a 22" MTB! Awaiting an XL Noah Frame!

    I'm on a one man mission to redress the balance away from weight weenies!

    In truth, I've found that Ridley cater very well for riders of my height and power. I could have gone for a size L, but I love the solid, big feeling of an XL. Also, their bikes really are stiff. Soemthing helped by the 23cm headtube! Love it!
  • EPIC BIKE! stylish and elegant :P

    couldn't help but LOL at the giraffe comment :D RT Tester
    north west of england.
  • too! If only I were as slim as a Giraffe!

    It really is a nice looking biken the flesh. Photos don't do it justice at all.

    Your Felt TT is a thing to behold!
  • Really classy bike, and the only Ridleys I like are usually CX models.

    Brave decision to drop the Cervelo for this frame. Not that this isn't good, it's just that the Cervelo is so good. What were the deciding factors? Was it fit or to get something new?

    Can you pls give a little precis of the ride differences when you've put some miles on her?

    BTW, it looks killer with the black saddle and handebars, but also white would work if it was more of a summer bike.

    Oh, and, next time I'm riding into a block headwind, I hope I find your back wheel :-)
    When a cyclist has a disagreement with a car; it's not who's right, it's who's left.
  • Nice job on the bike RT and do post some pics of the Noah when you get it built :)
  • Just decided on the Noah frame, having been told that the 1120a:

    is unavailable.

    It's going to be a 1101a colour: ... ah%20frame

    It will arrive at start of October from the factory. Now I need to start selling internal organs to fund a decent groupo and wheels! Problem with finally getting your dream bike, is kitting it out.

    However, i can think of far worse quandries to be in!
  • Garry HGarry H Posts: 6,639
    What did you think of the Damocles ISP?
  • Loved it. It was a very stylish and unique looking bike. I rode the XL.

    It was fast and very versatile. Good climber, good for cornering and good for long flat rides. It also does well as a TT ride. It's not specifically aero, but the tubing shapes definately make it more so that all but th most aero of bikes.

    If I hadn't got the chance to get a Noah, I'd have stuck with the Damo ISP.
  • Garry HGarry H Posts: 6,639
    Thanks for that. Can't quite decide whether to go for the Damocles, or splash out a wee bit more for the Helium. Ho, hum.
  • I guess it depends what you're doing with it. I've never had a Helium, but have a friend who is a Ridley dealer and has ridden them all.

    He rode my Damo ISP, and said it's faster than the Helium and handles the ruff stuff better. The handling is more solid. The Helium really comes into it's own for long climbs, though some Vacan riders (as did Katusha riders before them) use it over the cobbles. Both are sturdy, but in terms of speed and solidity, then the Damo just edges it.

    I'm a powerful rider, so the Damo then Noah was the automatic choice for me, though I do know another big powerful rider who rides a Helium and swears by it. The Helium is also one of the lightest bikes about.

    If speed is your desire, then Damo ISP, but if climbing is the thing, then Helium. Sounds to me like you think Damo is the sensible option,but you've got the cash to go Helium! If you don't, you'll always be asking yourself....
  • Garry HGarry H Posts: 6,639
    edited September 2011
    Thanks again. You're right, have seen the damo at the local dealer's, and it does look a cracker. Unfortunately it was a large and I'm only 5'7". Had kinda decided on it, then started thinking about the Helium, which I've never seen in the flesh. Knew that Pozzato rode a Damo whilst at katusha, instead of the Helium.

    Again, thanks for your input.
  • i love ridley bikes the Noah is my favorite, but the Damo is a great looking machine.

    i just got the noah RS but i'm saving for the full Noah

    Great bike enjoy
  • Road Ronin, I'm doing a complete stable overhaul. I've just shed a Damo ISP and a Cervelo Soloist Team, as well as loads of bits and bobs.

    I got this Phaeton frame and had agreed on a Noah RS frame as well, so that both training and racing/good bike would have the same geometry. I then got the opportunity to upgrade to a Noah (ISP) frame! The 1101A colour will be arriving from the factory at the start of October! I then, like all men who have got their dream frame, have to negotiate with my wife as to which child and internal organs we can sell to buy a worthy groupo and wheelset!
  • I always thought it fair to trade the spline and 1 kidney should cover the groupset then just lie about the wheelset costs.
    The missus thinks my mavic SL cost £200 my internal organs would be decorating the street if she knew the real costs :lol::D
  • Lolol....

    Unfortunately, 'er indauwz has started to cotton on to my spending! I catch her reading my cycling mags, then eyeing my bikes, then asking me questions about components...using the word components!!

    My days are numbered. Very soon she's going to ask me to buy her a bike! When that happens, all illicit spending comes under the control of Madame Chancellor!
  • LOL


    pain is only short term, carbon components are forever
  • I'm considering one of these.
    How would you rate the BB and front end stiffness compared to the Cervelo Soloist team you had?
  • Fujisst,

    I have to say that although the Soloist is a legendary and multi-titled bike, the Phaeton beats it in all departments. It is essentially an alu Noah, so the aero qualities are second to none in it's price range.

    The Soloist is a stiff bike all round; though not as unforgiving as people say; but had what I'd describe as "noodly" handling, especially on its rear end. It does have impressive front end and BB stiffness, but not as much as the Phaeton. I'm an immensely powerful rider, and never quite felt fully secure on the Soloist.

    On the Phaeton I feel as though I don't have to hold anything back, and that everything I put in gets channelled through the BB into the road via the crankset. I'm running the same crankset; Chorus; and it feels stiffer and more efficient on the Phaeton.

    I don't have it in for the Soloist; it is an impressive bike; but the Phaeton is wonderful. It has snuck in under the radar of most people, but for me is better than the Soloist / S1, and probably better than the CAAD10 - which I've never ridden!

    I think the Pheatons are sold as a whole package with Shim 105, which is fairly solid. If you can get a frame and build it up with a better groupo, it will serve you even better.

    I got the Phaeton because I was getting a Noah,and wanted a training bike with exactly the same geo. The Phaeton is that impressive, especially in the areas you've specified, that I can see why some people buy it and kit it out with a top range groupo and carbon wheels.

    Needless to say, I recommend it 200%!!!!
  • RT, thanks for the information.
    I'm a big roadie as well (6'2" 200lbs) and can put some serious strain on a BB and headtube.
    Your recommendation is pretty convincing for the Phaeton - I'm not overly concerned by the weight - so much that I will get one. I also have the Fuji SST (hence the screen name) and it too is very stiff, so this addition will be great. Thanks again for the quick reply.
  • Glad to be of help. If you're ever down London way, let me know and we'll rumble our way round somewhere.
    Enjoy the Phaeton...great ride.
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